Sustainable Design

The Partnership recognises the environmental implications of new construction or refurbishment, and the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions is important in any design. Lower energy buildings make good business sense as they are generally more cost effective to operate.

We believe our involvement in a project at the earliest possible stage is important to successfully optimise low energy design whether it be assisting with site selection, building orientation, daylighting or solar control, thermal performance, natural ventilation or the mechanical and electrical services systems.

Having made the building as good as it can be and designed energy efficient low carbon services systems we can also assess the potential for the integration of renewable energy technologies based on technical and economic benefit analysis.

We are specialists in the survey and analysis of existing buildings, in particular those with listed, heritage or conservation status, to assess their potential for energy and carbon emission reductions. We work with owners, developers and architects to assess the most cost-effective methods to improve the performance of buildings.